Summer Family Outing 2013 at Arlit Farms

It’s summertime again! It has already become a tradition for Filipinos to go to beaches or pools whenever its summer. This summer of 2013, for our summer family outing, it was agreed by everyone to rent a private swimming pool at Arlit Farms in San Mateo, Rizal. Aside from being near the metro (only 15mins from Batasang Pambansa), Arlit Farms is really spacious.The place was so amazing and stunningly beautiful!

It has 2 big pools, a jacuzzi-like pools, kiddie pool and adult pool. The cool pool water is really perfect for the summer heat. :) What I love about this resort is that it is a farm. Plants and trees are well taken cared of and the Nipa-hut like cottages are strategically located in shaded areas.


There are so many trees in the area

Anyway, our day under the sun was full of fun and excitement. It was truly a fun place for the entire family!

Here are some of our Summer outing photos I picked to share.

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One comment on “Summer Family Outing 2013 at Arlit Farms

  1. Hi! thank you for featuring our resort and for the positive review :) we really appreciate it.
    Please visit our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ArlitFarms) and send us a message if you wish to book the place again 😀

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