Boracay Trip | 4 Days/3 Nights

willy's rock

Willy's Rock

It was a very fun Boracay experience. It was my first time in Boracay and the first time I flew on an airplane. This trip was one of the most memorable trips I ever had. Powdery white sand beaches with crystal clear pristine aqua-colour water, breathtaking sceneries, great sunset, food, and music! It was amazing!

I went with a group of seven, my wife, my son, my sister and her long time boyfriend, and our friend Cathy and Milo. It was so exciting and a lot of fun. I plan to go back next summer. Boracay is so addicting :)

We chose the date May 7-10, 2011, a wonderful 4 days and 3 nights of sun, sea, white sand and rain. Yeah, our Boracay trip includes 2 days of heavy rains because of typhoon Bebeng… lol. But stil we enjoyed our Boracay escapade. There are lots of activities you can do while on the Island even if it’s raining. Just be prepared to shell out some more cash as these activities don’t come cheap.

We stayed at Sandra’s Place, situated in a small alley between boat station 1 and station 2. The hotel is one of many cheap guesthouses in Boracay. Sandra’s Place isn’t a beach front property, it is a minute walk to the beach and the hottest bars and restaurant in the area, and near D’mall too!

Although we were a little scared of the climate that time, it didn’t hold us from enjoying the island. It’s a good thing though, there was the boxing event of Pacquiao and Mosley on the day when the rain pours heavily. At night, we did a lot of partying. The Clubs get crazy at night. There are three right by each other, if one slows down just move to the next. Cocomanga’s, Guilly’s and Club Paraw are all right by each other at Station One. We specially love Club Paraw ;). The sun strikes on our third and fourth day in Boracay.

And oh by the way, our 12:40pm flight from Manila to Caticlan via Cebu Pacific was canceled, re-sched to 3:00pm and diverted to Kalibo instead. It wasn’t clarify to me why it was canceled, but it didn’t bother me though, because they gave us a complimentary free flight ticket hehe.

free flight cebu pacific

Cebu Pacific Free Flight Ticket

In my upcoming post, I will be sharing some of the experience in my Boracay trip and a little review on the places we went.

Here are some of our Boracay trip photos I picked to share.

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  1. Yes, Boracay is one of the most favorite hang up during summer’s getaway..

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